What’s Next?

If you’ve read the new and improved “About” section, you know that I will have a schedule of post topics beginning tomorrow… that way we’ll all know generally what to expect. Also, if you’ve seen the new “About” section, you have seen a very poor self portrait taken this time last year in a hotel in Rome. But, more on that tomorrow…

 I am fortunate to have family (nuclear and extended) living all over the US and the world. This is great because I have places to stay in some of the most beautiful destinations. Not always so great because the majority of my travels are limited to visiting family members. I don’t mean that in a bad way! Basically, when time and finances are limited, it’s difficult to justify a trip someplace new and exotic where you don’t know anyone when you have family that you love and want to spend time with in equally desirable locations. For example, with my father living in the hills near Rome, a trip to Spain and Portugal or Greece becomes far less likely if I can’t combine it with a visit to Rome (hasn’t happened yet, but that doesn’t mean it won’t!). Equally, with my mother living in Marin County near San Francisco, a trip to Southern or Central California is not likely… although I have a number of friends there that I would love to visit. The great part is that my family also loves to travel, so when I do want to break from the norm, I often have my favorite partners in crime to share it with!

 The past several years I’ve focused my travels on a small handful of places, as many of them near water as possible. In the US I tend to go back and forth between the Pacific Northwest and New England. Internationally, I’ve spent most of my travel time in Italy, a brief time in Mexico, and have visited Hong Kong and the Philippines a couple times as well. All of these places have rich culinary cultures to explore.

 So, that’s where the majority of the next couple months of writing will focus – at least until I get some new material in the mix! Although I only recently returned from the Philippines and I have a particular interest in learning more about that culture, I will be mixing Italy in frequently because it’s my comfort zone and I have plenty of stories to share from there! I hope it will be an interesting mix for you, the reader.

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