Chef’s Night Off

Since Monday’s are usually the chef’s night off, tonight is “short post” night… All the important chefs are at the James Beard Foundation awards this evening. I am fortunate enough to spend this cold rainy night at home with a lovely glass or Syrah, some olives, hummus and flatbread… and maybe another glass or Syrah!

Glass House March 2009

Glass House March 2009

Actually, what I need to do is finish writing/editing May’s Eat and Tell column (comparing my life to a cocktail… don’t miss it!). What else is on the agenda for this week? An extremely long day at the Philip Johnson Glass House tomorrow (if you’re lucky, I’ll post the food porn from that lunch!), Wednesday evening will be spent cooking at the James Beard House with NYC’s Hottest Chef, Alain Allegretti, then Thursday and Friday are FCI finals… the who’s who of NYC food biz will be there thanks to Angela!

Still no plans for where to wander this weekend – I’m open for suggestions!

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