Six Days Later… Vietnamese Delivery

When I started this blog I promised myself (and, indirectly, you the reader) that I would post, faithfully, every day. Now, with six silent and empty days behind me, I’m feeling a little guilty. Well, maybe not completely guilty – more of a mix of guilt and pure exhaustion! Unfortunately, this week, the exhaustion did not come from good things like traveling, eating, drinking, or otherwise interesting things to write about. Now that I think about it, it would have been a better week for me if I had written something – this provides me with as much of an escape as it provides (hopefully) entertainment for you!

That said, I will resume my schedule as best I can…

This weekend was not a gastronomically exciting one. In fact, I am extremely embarassed to admit where I actually ate on Saturday afternoon. Suffice it to say I had pizza at a four-year-old’s birthday party served by a large animatronic rat… the stuff urban legends are made of… be afraid people!

Today, after prepping what will be beautiful food at our event for the Philoctetes Foundation tomorrow (Monday) evening, I spent Mother’s Day with my fabulous niece and her equally fabulous mother (my sister) and father. Our typical Sunday meal at home involves my sister making spaghetti sauce, my niece and I making meatballs and my brother-in-law whipping up some sweet treat and making sure the wine glasses don’t get too low! However, my sister’s feeling a little under the weather so we ordered out our family favorite delivery comfort food. Beef Pho. Nothing warms the insides like a tangy, spicy (and then some) bowl of steaming noodles, chiles, bean sprouts and slivered beef short rib.  I’ve enjoyed this dish for breakfast, lunch, dinner and midnight snack… you can’t go wrong with spicy noodle goodness! Our downtown favorite: Doyer’s (fka Vietnam). 

Vietnam may have to be the next major port of call for me… I’ve yet to taste Vietnamese food that I don’t like (and I’m not afraid of spicy or “strange”!). Maybe Mindy will come along and we can double-blog our sure-to-be wild adventures in her ancestral home (not talkin’ New Jersey, Min!).

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2 Responses to Six Days Later… Vietnamese Delivery

  1. mindy says:

    I’m in – let’s freaking hop a plane to Vietnam RIGHT NOW!!! I think it just stopped monsooning, too…

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