Thursday’s Media Review: More Reasons to Wander

Wednesday is the day most of the major newspapers in the US publish their food sections. That’s why I chose Thursday as a “media review” day… it usually takes me that long to read everything I’m interested in. By the time I catch up, I’m so inspired by one thing or another, or several, that I want to share my thoughts with whoever will listen, or read along, as the case may be (that’s where you come in, dear reader!).

This morning, a couple of articles on the New York Times online Dining and Wine page caught my attention. Both taunted my inner gypsy with new places to wander both near and far.

As for the “near,” there was a piece on five upcoming NYC food festivals in an article by Dave Cook called “A Little Taste of Somewhere Else.” The Indonesian Food Bazaar in Astoria, Queens unfortunately conflicts with the Filipino cooking class I’ll be teaching on Sunday; and now I am torn between the Paella Parade at Water Taxi Beach and the Philippine Independence Day Festival in Midtown next Sunday – decisions, decisions! I’m sure it won’t be difficult to convince my Swedish friends to accompany me to the Swedish Midsummer Festival near Battery Park on June 19; and I’m sure I can find some curious water-gun-packing partners in crime to join me for the Rakhaing Thingyan Burmese New Year Water Festival on July 12. I can cover several continents within a month without ever getting on a plane… hope you’ll join me!

As for the “far,” an article originally published in the Arts section, “Food Vendors: A Thai Tradition With a Twist of Innovation” by Brian Mertens, has renewed my longing for a visit to Thailand… and all the talk of innovative street vendors can’t help but make me think of Singapore as well. Time to look into getting an Asia Airpass and finding a way to make some long-held travel dreams come true!

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