Wandering with My Favorite Girl

I just had one of the best days ever – with my youngest and most special partner in crime, my three-year old niece Thalia.

We began the day with her swimming lessons – this was my first time going to a child’s swim class. She just “graduated” to getting in the pool with the instructor and no parent, so I was on the sidelines watching her jump, splash, and learn to dive under to pick up toys from the bottom of the pool. Not bad for three years old!

Next, a quick trip to Whole Foods for some Indian take-out, her favorite. The girl also has taste and knows what she likes.

Exhausted from her busy morning, Thalia opted for a nap in her stroller. I opted for a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge on this gloriously beautiful day to attend Journey to La Dolce Vita – the event I would have been working for if I didn’t have this special date planned. My little friend woke up just as we got to the park, guess it got too quiet for the little city girl to sleep once we weren’t in a crowd with the roar of traffic all around us.

It was a perfect day to be on the river under two bridges with the Manhattan skyline glimmering on the other side. There was a live basanova band today so T and I got a rich chocolate gelato from Grom, one ofthe event sponsors, and swayed to the music as we sat in the cool grass.

When it was time to head home, we decided to try something that neither of us has ever done and that has been on my to do list since before one of us was born – we took the Water Taxi from Fulton Ferry Landing to World Trade Center (her home port).

After walking the dog, we had to quickly change into pretty dresses and head out for our night on the town – a dinner party at our friends’ home. Homemade mini cheeseburgers and little cupcakes for all! The party was a great success.

I was exhausted long before she was but was able to keep my eyes open for the animated movie “Castle in the Sky” before it was both of our bedtime.


I am thrilled to be able to share new experiences with someone so special to me. And, I’m so looking forward to many more wandering adventures with my littlest partner in crime!

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