Good Deeds and Chicken Salad

Who doesn’t like a good chicken salad (I mean a really good chicken salad)?

My friend Mindy makes a mean chicken salad. Mindy also has special place in her Vietnamese-American heart fof gold for the orphaned children in Vietnam (she used to work at an orphanage there). There is one very special little girl that Mindy has continued to assist over the years… you can read more about her and Mindy’s brilliant idea by clicking here. (The link takes  you to a post on Mindy’s Recipe for Disaster – a great read either way).

Basically, Mindy is offering to teach how to butcher and cook a chicken then assemble her amazing chicken salad in exchange for a donation for the care of Tinh (the little girl) – 100% of the proceeds will go to Tinh.

I’m still hoping Mindy will be my partner in crime on a trip to Vietnam – then we can deliver a care package to Tinh in person.

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