Pig and Cow…

Or, what I will resemble if I keep eating like I did yesterday!

Yesterday was so full of eating amazing food that I had no time to write a post. Today, I’m working all day and night to make up for it (wine class tonight – we have great wine classes here at the ICC).

Really – I wasn’t planning on eating at both of these restaurants in the same day – I just got very lucky! A friend was in town from the Philippines and wanted to try some of the restaurants I’ve been writing raving about. You don’t have to ask me twice… I’m a willing restaurant guide anytime.

For lunch, Momofuku Ssam Bar. If you’ve read anything I’ve written in the last 3 years, you know how much I love anything Momo. The $25 3-course prix fixe lunch is the way to go – most of my favorites are on the menu (select from 3 apps, 3 mains, and 2 desserts). We had quite the feast – housemade pickles & pork buns (of course!), grilled octopus salad, Bev Eggleston’s Country Ham (this is the only restaurant where you can taste this dreamy, flavorful treat that could steal my heart from all but the best of Parma), crispy rice cakes with spicy sausage, and a second order of pork buns (because one order is never enough!). We got the Thai Iced Tea Parfait as a dessert choice from the prix fixe menu – it was great but it was overkill after the second round of pork buns.

Because we are nice people and wanted to share all the happiness that is a Momo pork bun with loved ones, we went next door to Milk Bar for a few orders to go, along with a box of compost cookies (they’ll satisfy two cravings at once – sweet-salty goodness). This would have been plenty for most people, but we are not most people!

Lunch was followed by a little family time and Friday evening happy hour… a bottle of Domaine Spiropoulos, Meliasto Rose, 2008 from Peloponnese, Greece made from the Moshofilero grape ($13.99 at Frankly Wines on West Broadway in Tribeca). This is a medium body rose with the aroma of fresh strawberries and rosewater… very fruity and satisfying on a summer day – a little too much fruit for at least one person at the table, but not so much to pass on a refill.

On to dinner at Quality Meats. I’ve written about this place a few times lately as well. I was reminded of why last night. Chef de Cuisine Lawrence Knapp spoils me rotten – Thank you, again! (full disclosure: some but not all of the deliciousness was delivered complements of the chef who probably has no idea that I write about them like this, he is simply a generous fellow chef and friend.) OK, on to the deliciousness… classic steakhouse fare made exceptionally well and served with warm professionalism. Jumbo shrimp cocktail with three sauces (classic, Thai, and herb aioli) and crab with avocado and tomato to start with a couple glasses of Prosecco. For entrees we had both the bone-in dry-aged steaks (sirloin and rib) – huge, perfectly medium-rare, so different from each other that it’s nice to try them side by side. The sirloin will pleasantly surprise you. The quantity of side dishes served to two people is a little embarrassing to admit, but they were all so tasty – corn creme brulee, sauteed spinach, cheese gnocchi, and fried potatoes with rosemary. We enjoyed a bottle of 2006 Chappellet “Mountain Cuvee”… classic Napa Valley Bordeaux-style blend – ripe dark fruit, firm tannins, spice and leather… great with huge steaks. We had no intention of eating dessert but couldn’t resist ordering a scoop of the orange-creamsicle sherbet… it came out accompanied by the best sticky toffee pudding with creme fraiche ice cream I’ve ever had, and a scoop of the housemade coffee and donut ice cream as well. Seems I can always find room for (at least a little) dessert!

Sorry for the lack of pictures – my hands were full of pork buns at Momo and Quality is a bit dark and, well, nice, for picture taking. Here’s one for the road… Thanks so much King, I had a perfect day!


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