From the Stoop

With only one day off, no plans, and all of my partners in crime off on other adventures, I took the opportunity to relax at home.

This morning, my friend and next door neighbor decided to have an impromptu stoop sale and asked if I’d like to join. Why not? I had a couple bags of clothes that needed to be “recycled” and a bunch of cookbooks that just didn’t fit into my little world anymore. So, I grabbed my coffee and hauled a couple boxes down the stairs.

Within a couple hours, I met nearly a dozen neighbors that I would not have normally talked with, had a chance to spend some quality time with my friend, and made enough money for a low-key night out in Manhattan… all this AND reduced clutter! Life is good. I may have to do this more often – I’m looking at my old kitchen gadgets, cookbooks and novels with a new eye…

Dinner tonight was created from leftovers from the past couple days of extravagant dining and work. And, I must say, it was sooo good (helps to start with good leftovers). The bread class at FCI made cheese baguettes that were definitely up to their typical stratospheric standards. A slab of the cheesy bread toasted with slices of the leftover aged sirloin from Quality Meats – just enough to warm the meat but not to significantly alter its perfect medium-rare consistency – and a sauce made from homemade pesto thinned with Spanish olive oil (a gift from Ibiza) and a touch of “vinaigre de Banyuls“, served open-faced with a glass of Crozes-Hermitage left over from my wine class last night. Not bad at all for dinner on the stoop!

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