Inner Gyspy on Vacation… still

If I didn’t agree with Michael Ruhlman that the term “writer’s block” is an excuse for laziness, or at very least an excuse to drink more cocktails, I would say that I was suffering from the evil writer’s block – being a chef, I do not need any further excuses for drinking too much.

What I have is an inner gypsy who is taking an extended vacation and has left me here to work and deal with reality for a while. And, since this blog is about wandering, eating and telling, I kinda need to do some wandering and eating before I do any telling. Don’t worry, I’ll be getting back out there in the next couple of days.

Upcoming Itinerary (weather permitting):

Friday: Picnic dinner and Buckwheat Zydeco concert in Prospect Park

Saturday: Wandering Manhattan then thinking about late afternoon at the new Water Taxi Beach on Governor’s Island

Sunday: Wandering Brooklyn and finishing with the last outdoor movie of the summer at Enoteca on Court

Monday: “Chef’s Day Off”

Tuesday+: Disgustingly early flight to San Francisco – Let the fun begin!! Lunch at Kokkari, Berkeley Bowl to shop for dinner, lots of farmers’ markets, fun in Napa Valley, etc…

Writer’s block? What writer’s block?!

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