Starting Now…

So much catching up to do. I decided the best place to start is in the present.

I wanted to do some writing today and needed some quiet reflective time outdoors, so my laptop and I walked over to the main Brooklyn library (see photo). It’s been recently renovated and the terrace area at the entry now has a cafe and umbrella tables with a view of Prospect Park & Grand Army Plaza. Added bonus – the farmers market is accross the street, and the Le Gamin food truck is parked there!

I must say, the farmers market here is abundant and thriving but since I just returned from Napa Valley, it just can’t compare… Sorry New York.

After a couple hours of solo writing, my friend Michele joined me for crepes in the park (merguez, goat cheese & tomatoes – yummy!!). Now we’re both catching up on our blogs (I’m not the only one who hasn’t been writing enouh lately)… Such a lovely day. And, now I have a few new posts in the works to get things back on track here!

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