Chef’s Night Off – Ibiza Anyone?

Personally, I’ve never been to Ibiza before – Not for lack of desire, the opportunity has just not presented itself yet. In the meantime, I enjoy the treats my sister brings back for me from her annual trip there with her friends.

Today was particularlly challenging for a Monday, and it’s in the 90s and humid – not a good day for a subway ride. By the time I finally got home, all I wanted was a drink! So, dinner tonight consisted of a bowl of yesterday’s Summer Pasta (still quite tasty), some Italian prunes, and a little bit of Ibiza over ice with a spash of soda.

Hierbas Ibicencas is a traditional liqueur distilled from local herbs – it’s a great digestif and supposedly posesses special healing powers… it’s working for me right now, so who knows?!  It has a refreshing aniseseed and citrus flavor, only a bit of sweetness, and is definitely a pleasant way to end a day.

Maybe things are looking up… think I’ll do a little daydreaming about a trip to an exciting Island off the coast of Spain.

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