When I’m Not Writing… a Chef’s Real Life in NYC

It has been an unusually long time since I’ve written… I’ve been out of touch more than once, but this is the longest stretch in a while. You’ve heard it from me before… So busy! Working too much! Etc… But really, all work and no wandering makes for a boring blog (as this will surely demonstrate). Since I don’t have any major wandering planned for the near future, but what I’ve been doing has been pretty interesting (at least to me), I thought I’d share… A chef’s real life in NYC:

Visiting Friends’ Restaurants:

1009 Momo Milk

Pork buns, Compost Cookies, Stumptown Coffee at Momo Milk Bar

It’s that time of year when comfort food and the company of good people is all I”m craving. Fortunately, I’ve had plenty of opportunities to indulge those needs lately.

1009 Dbl Crown Shrimp 2

Crispy Shrimp Deliciousness at Double Crown

1009 Dbl Crown

Shrimp Laksa at Double Crown

Amy Reiley of Fork Me, Spoon Me fame came for a brief visit… we thoroughly enjoyed a progressive dinner from Public to Double Crown and onward. Brad Farmarie’s food is always a sensual treat (crispy, silky, cool, spicy, and beautiful) and the cocktails were bursting with flavor (especially the mango cardamom one at Double Crown).

1009 Public Scallops

Monday Room Scallop at Public

Working at Special Events:

This is the fun part of my job… getting to do outside events with amazing chefs. On a good day, it doesn’t really feel like work!

1009Fatty fishhead curry

Fatty Crab Fishhead Curry at New York Culinary Experience

1009 Duck

Duck with Curried Apple at Project by Project Plate by Plate

1009 Henri's Turducken

Preparing Turducken for a buffet

Just Livin’ Life:

I read a lot of other blogs – probably more often than I ever should. Some I read for the great writing (see any of the links on the right), and some I read for the same reasons others read the tabloids… lately it seems that a particular acquaintance has been in the tabloids a bit more than he probably likes (Mr. Chang…)! It makes me appreciate my life a little bit more…

0909 001

I love diner coffee!

1009 Steak Salad at home

Steak & Peppers at Home


1009 Pizza 6

Making Pizza with the Cutest Girl in the World

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