Chef’s Night Off: Tasty Treats

My friend Mimi recently introduced me to a new company that her friend started (Mimi is the pastry chef in the video). They are making handmade jellies, jams, cookies, and other tasty treats using exceptional ingredients and attention to detail (the video says it all). I’ve had the chance to taste a couple of types of cookies (which I loved) and am looking forward to some jam or jelly soon!

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2 Responses to Chef’s Night Off: Tasty Treats

  1. firesidefeasts says:

    Well…apparently, this is a “private” video (whatever that means) and therefore, I can’t
    watch it unless I accept “the sender’s (meaning yours ? or someone else’s ? ) “friend request.”
    Or some such.

    • gastronomad says:

      Hi – sorry about that – it’s my first time with YouTube… I’ve made changes to the “sharing”. Hopefully that will work.
      Thank you so much for bringing it to my attention!

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