Wandering in a Winter Wonderland

We had a snow day! At first it didn’t seem like much, but by the time I was ready to take a walk to the neighborhood tea shop for a warm-up, it was in full swing. By the time I got home, I could barely recognize (or see) my street corner!

One of the great beauties of a good blizzard is that it turns normally familiar surroundings, which are often taken for granted into, a labyrinth of white… a blustery maze of snow mounds, tiny twigs transformed into thick branches of cottony white, and streets erased like pencil lines on white paper.

I’m quite happy I didn’t have to wander far for my adventure today. Tonight I’ll save the delivery guy the challenge and make a little something at home… comfort food that reminds me of blustery childhood winters. Stracciatella: spaghetti in chicken broth with a beaten egg tempered in. Simple and warming – perfect for the blustery night.

Note: This post was originally written on WordPress for iPhone. Some of the original content was lost in upload (including all photos), some of the content had to be edited (why is that application such a hassle?!).

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2 Responses to Wandering in a Winter Wonderland

  1. Mom says:

    having trouble sleeping these nights…decided to check some stuff on my computer….heard you wrote about our Utah trip on your blog so decided to check it out. love your writing style and continue to enjoy your food wanderings..didn’t see any entries on your trip to LA …just that it was wonderful…will check back later…love you…mom xxxooo

    • gastronomad says:

      Hi – Thank you! I’ll be writing about the LA trip and other new stuff as soon as I have time to do it. Coming back to work after even a short vacation is quite the challenge. xoxo

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