Thursday’s Media Review?

Yes, I am a day late – I was going to let it slide and just not write it, but I’m determined to get back into regular blogging. I have a few other topics in various stages working their way out onto this blog, but this week is my crazy back-t0-back wine class week, so not much else getting done around here including staying on top of the food and wine media.

This is adapted from the piece I wrote for our staff newsletter today. I highly recommend checking out the links – especially the one to Serious Eats NY because it has great video footage of the proper way to “break down” (butcher) a rabbit and another video of a very cool chef making rabbit cacciatore with the outcome.

French Culinary Institute Media Review

 This week in the media we find two successful and well-known former FCI students in the spotlight, yet again.

 In Wednesday’s New York Times Dining and Wine section, we find Alum Zak Pelaccio proudly introducing the long-awaited Fatty ‘Cue – the third venue in his growing treasure trove of Malaysian-inspired Fatty havens that also includes Fatty Crab in the West Village and on the Upper Westside.

According to Florence Fabricant’s piece in the NY Times, Fatty ‘Cue will not be serving the typical heavy Texas-style NYC barbecue with sides such as cornbread and beans. Instead, you can expect Pelaccio’s signature Thai and Malaysian-influenced (by several years of living there) flavors, of “acidity and spice, better suited [for] what he [has] in mind for this barbecue, which has been two years in the making.” 

Also, former FCI student, Sean Rembold of Marlow and Sons, Diner, and Marlow and Daughters in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, is featured on Serious Eats New York. The post titled “How to Butcher and Cook a Rabbit”  also features video footage of both lessons and Rembold’s recipe for rabbit cacciatore.

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2 Responses to Thursday’s Media Review?

  1. firesidefeasts says:

    Hi Annette! Just last summer, I butchered (sorta) a rabbit so that we could “pot a hare” during a session of my Fireside Feasts program out at Wyckoff. We used an historic receipt (recipe) and cooked it over an open fire. It was quite tasty! Of course, I bought the rabbit at my local Farmers Market (GAP). It’d already been skinned and gutted, so all I had to do was cut it into pieces (in fact, photos were put on my blog). However, I did learn how to skin a whole one during the Historic Foodways Symposium at Colonial Williamsburg last fall. Rabbits and more rabbits…they’re everywhere!
    – – Carolina,

    • gastronomad says:

      Hi Carolina! Good to hear from you! I did read your post about butchering the rabbit… I was quite impressed, and sorry I didn’t comment at the time. You are on my Google Reader, so I’m always reading your posts – will take the time to comment more in the future. All my best, Annette

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