In Real Time: Tillie’s in Fort Greene

Three day weekend. That just about says it all. Even better, it’s spring… sunny, blue, crisp but warm. That describes the weather as well as my disposition today! This is my writing day. Lots of material I want to cover and never enough time to do it all. Fortunately, I have a writing buddy who makes a great partner in crime when I really need to write AND I really need to do a bit of wandering.

She is the one who suggested today’s writing outing to Tillie’s in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. Neither of us live in this neighborhood, so it technically qualifies as an outing even though we are sitting at a window ledge next to an open door with great coffee and bagels, tapping away at our keyboards. A great way to spend a sunny afternoon!

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One Response to In Real Time: Tillie’s in Fort Greene

  1. Michele says:

    Hey, I’ve always wanted to be a partner in crime! 🙂 Yay for wandering!

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