A Day In The Park


Saturday was the first time my niece spent the day alone with me in Brooklyn. She and my sister spent the night Friday night (also a first) then we began our day’s adventure as my sister headed back to Manhattan.

Our adventure began around 10 a.m. with a scooter ride to Prospect Park. We began with some time in the recently re-opened playground near the 3rd Street entrance… bright blue horizontal tire swings ideal for maximum dizziness! We had a quick snack of animal crackers while resting on the remains of the huge old tree that fell during a winter storm (hence the playground’s recent “re-opening”).

From there we scooted along the bike road to the baseball diamonds and the open meadow area where she found a perfect stick of perfect length… better than any tire swing, and no dizziness! By that time, I was starving – she suggested dumplings and noodles. We opted for Rice Thai restaurant on 7th Avenue in Park Slope. Steamed dumplings, Chinese broccoli, Pad Thai, and a mango shake. At 3 1/2 she is a good eater and getting to be quite the experienced, grown-up diner – as long as you ignore the fact that she fits perfectly under the table, and likes to demonstrate that now and then.

We’d been out for 4 hours at this point and you might think we’d both had enough. But no. There’s still another playground that we haven’t been to – the one we say on the way from Manhattan the evening before. Off to JJ Byrne park on 5th Avenue – via pink scooter, of course!

After a couple of hours on the swings and learning to slide down the fireman’s pole, along with visits with some of my friends and their children and a shared ice-cream cone (of course!), we finally headed back home at 4:30 p.m. One of us fell asleep on the subway ride home (and surprisingly, that wasn’t me!)… but carrying the exhausted princess and her pink scooter home was a perfectly charming end to a wonderful day.

Can’t wait for more!

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2 Responses to A Day In The Park

  1. kelly says:

    I love the blog. I recently discovered yours while looking for mine, which is apptly named Live. Eat. Wander – so I imagine we share many of the same views on food and travel. Thanks for inspiring me!

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