Keep Wandering!

April 22 (just a few short days ago) was the one year anniversary of Wander, Eat and Tell. What began as an assignment for a class has become an integral part of my life – a creative outlet, a place to hone my writing skills, a travel journal, and an inspiration to get out and wander more (and get more out of my wandering). My inner gypsy is thrilled with all the attention she’s gotten this year!

Thanks for joining me on this journey – hope you will stick around for more adventures!

I’m doing a little spring cleaning on the site (since it is pouring rain and freezing cold on this lovely day at the end of April). Check out the updates to the “My Wanderings” page and to the new links (my column on Eat Something Sexy – Eat and Tell will be getting more updates soon as well).

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One Response to Keep Wandering!

  1. hungrysofia says:

    Happy Blogaversary!

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