May’s Top Five

I just looked at this blog for the first time in weeks. I believe this is the longest I’ve gone without writing since I started. Time to fix that.

It’s been a busy few weeks, so I’m not surprised that I haven’t had time to blog. I think my reasons (excuses?) are pretty good ones… You can be the judge.

Reason 1

Reason 2

Reason 5

1. Not 1, but 2 New Nephews: two of my sisters had baby boys within 3 days of each other. One is here in NYC, so I got to be with them within hours of his birth. I’m in love and can’t wait to meet the other (who is in Houston).

2. My niece: the first baby in my life. She’s a big sister now, so we’ve been having big sister training time – going to shows, brunch (photo taken at Brooklyn Garden Cafe on its opening day*), the park, etc. As usual, she keeps me on my toes, and very happily so!

3. Educational stuff: Just finished the last of all classes I was enrolled in this spring. Over the past two weeks, I’ve acquired certificates in The Craft of Food Writing and International Spirits through WSET, and now the last of the evil New York State teacher training courses for my license (yes, evil – I mean that). Now I need to decide what I’m doing next! (PhD anyone?)

4. Drama: I hate to even bring it up because it is a difficult subject for at least one close friend and because I hate to jump on the bandwagon in the public humiliation of another human being. But, this case does touch my professional and personal life (ever so slightly) and it played a big role in missing a date with my computer. So, here it goes… former Food Network chef, Juan Carlos Cruz, was arrested last week – accused of plotting to have his wife murdered. JC has a book (The Love Diet) coming out in a couple weeks that he co-authored with my good friend, Amy Reiley (who is also the publisher via Life of Reiley). They’ve been working together and friends for over 6 years and she is extremely distraught over this nightmare. She also has a business to run and a new book coming out that she firmly believes in, and so do I. I stayed with Amy when she was in NYC to appear on The Today Show and Nightline… I’ll also be in LA with her to celebrate the publication of her third aphrodisiac-centric cookbook in June.

5. Work, of Course: No surprise, there’s never a dull moment in the world of classic culinary education! We’ve recently launched a brand new curriculum in our career programs and much of our hard work of the past two years is finally coming to fruition. I have been working throughout that time on creating a new way of teaching Food Costing (a critical subject for would-be restaurateurs) – the new text was just released last week and was followed by a flurry of training workshops so our chef instructors would be prepared – I’m happy to say that (so far) it is a success – the first class is on June 2, so I guess we’ll find out soon! Also, the fun part of my job – outside events. This month Nils and I worked at Share Our Strength’s Taste of the Nation – it was a great honor to be part of such an amazing collection of chefs, mixologists and restaurateurs gathering to fight childhood hunger via one of the nation’s premier culinary charities. Our dish, pictured above was: Smoked Ocean Trout with Curried Cashew Puree, Pickled Rhubarb and Trout Roe served with a shot of Clarified Strawberry-Rhubarb 901 brand Tequilla… a perfect pairing!

* Brooklyn Garden Cafe is located at 5 Front Street in DUMBO – Sadly, this is the location that recently was home of one of my favorite restaurants – Five Front. I don’t know where the owners went, but I hope to find them well soon… any word on their whereabouts would be appreciated!

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