Good Morning California!

I’m in LA and I thought I would take Wander Eat and Tell readers along for the adventure. I promise there will be amazing food – of both the home cooked & restaurant varieties, some new recipes, and great wine and cocktails.

I arrived late last night – Jet Blue from JFK to Burbank. Loved the new terminal at JFK… Muji store, healthy foods, airy computer workstations with food and beverage service, and bright approachable bars with good cocktails and professional service. It was actually a pleasure to have a hour delay.

Burbank was dead by the time I arrived. Dark studios and empty streets. Fortunately I had my good friend Amy and my favorite cozy guest house waiting for me. (I’d have photos, but wordpress for iPhone doesn’t feel like uploading them.)

Woke up early to the sound of birds and the smell of summer in the garden. I brought bagels from Brooklyn, so had a little taste of home with my Blue Bottle Coffee.

Now we are busily preparing for the food and decor for tonight’s party celebrating the release of Life Of Reiley’s most recent two cookbooks – The Love Diet (just recieved from the printer today) and Kiss My Bundt… More on those and on the party later!

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