Time to Begin Again

When I returned from Los Angeles in June, I didn’t expect, nor did I intend, to leave my writing behind. Quite honestly, it was the furthest thing from what I planned. Nearly six months later, I am returning to this blog and to other long-neglected projects (and people) to whom I wish I had given more attention during my time out of mind.

Most of the summer was spent in creative hibernation. Much thinking, much reading, much worrying that it would become a permanent state of mind. Fortunately, with the cool weather came a change of perspective. I’m ready to begin again.

Summer wasn’t without “wanderings” – much thanks to my friend Amy for providing most of the travel and exploration opportunities including A trip to Cape Cod for an all-pink luncheon, an experimental stove-top clam bake, flounder & striped bass straight from the water, and ice-cream sundaes with sweet-salty peanut butter sauce (click here for Cooks.com recipe). You may read more about these adventures here soon…

Autumn so far has been full of major special events, famous chefs, and new restaurant openings… This was the 3rd year of coordinating workshops for the StarChefs International Chefs’ Congress. It was also the 3rd year of the New York Culinary Experience at The International Culinary Center (still my home away from home). I’ve been fortunate enough to be in kitchens with Alain Ducasse, Andre Soltner, and so many others. And I’ve been fortunate to share the excitement as my friends opened The Hurricane Club in NYC on Park Ave South & 26th Street (Craig Koketsu, exec chef; Lawrence Knapp, chef de cuisine; Cameron Slaugh, sous chef, et al). I’m sure you’ll see more on this soon as well!

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