Virtual Travel: Missing Cebu

Yesterday I posted a list of places I’ve been daydreaming about. The Philippines is definitely always on that list… especially Cebu (for more click here & here). Amongst other things, Cebu is known for Lechon – whole roast suckling pig that is so aromatic and succulent it melts my heart.

Today, as I scanned my Google Reader, I came across two posts by Market Man author of Market Manila ( – you may have seen him on Anthony Bourdain’s “No Reservations” episode in the Philippines (see below).

In the first post he writes of experimenting with a mashed black truffle rub in his latest lechon feast – how can an experiment like this possibly go wrong?

From the looks of the following post, the outcome was breathtaking! I know this man is a friend of my family there and I would do just about anything to get him to teach me to make this on my next visit!

The photos in both the linked posts are worth a thousand words, and the words that accompany them are equally as good – for anyone interested in learning more about Filippino culture, Market Manila is a good place to start.

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