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Wander Eat and Tell started in 2009. If you scroll down to the older blog posts, you’ll find some pretty crazy stuff. (and some awful writing that I am calling “the history of food blogging”). It starts with a 2020 post honoring the past.

My column  Wine of the Week has been around since 2005. It’s on Eat Something Sexy with Amy Reiley – a site dedicated to aphrodisiacs. Sometimes I also develop recipes for food and cocktails that are published there.

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In 2013, while developing recipes with Amy Reiley, a friend called asking for a last minute favor. A big, huge one. A five tier, three-foot diameter (at least), plain white wedding cake… for Johnny Knoxville to fall into! That’s how I got my first Hollywood movie credit.

Here it is, my 40 seconds of fame in Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa!

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