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Cranberry-Almond Tart

For those of you who, like me, put some things off until the very last minute… or for those looking for a great use for leftover cranberry sauce, here’s a recipe for my favorite fall dessert. Cranberry-Almond Tart  Serves 6-8 … Continue reading

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My Lucky Break – LUCKYRICE, Part 2 & 3

Of course, I meant to post this in a more timely manner. Such are the drawbacks of a demanding career and an addiction to continuing education (aka homework). Before I get into the past events, I just want to recommend … Continue reading

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Media Review: Salt

A day late again! Eventually I’ll get back on track… in the meantime, I’m glad it’s only by one day. Quite a lot has been written about salt in recent years – from Mark Kurlansky’s best-selling book, Salt: A World History, … Continue reading

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Thursday’s Media Review?

Yes, I am a day late – I was going to let it slide and just not write it, but I’m determined to get back into regular blogging. I have a few other topics in various stages working their way … Continue reading

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Chef’s Night Off: Tasty Treats

My friend Mimi recently introduced me to a new company that her friend started (Mimi is the pastry chef in the video). They are making handmade jellies, jams, cookies, and other tasty treats using exceptional ingredients and attention to detail (the video … Continue reading

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Media Review: Perfect Pairings

In preparation for the wine classes I’ve been teaching this week, I’ve been reading a great book that one of my students brought in –Perfect Pairings: A Master Sommelier’s Practical Advice for Partnering Wine with Foodby Evan Goldstein (click the link … Continue reading

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Tuesday’s Top 5: Holiday Drinks

What better way to drum up some holiday spirit than with spirits? I’ve never really needed an excuse to enjoy a nip now and then (now would be nice!), but the holidays provide many a good reason to imbibe with … Continue reading

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