we’re going to Scotland

…and we want you to join us! NEW: Learn more about the food and drink of Scotland – wild seafood, game, beers, gin, and (of course) whisky. And, the details our upcoming adventure with Ponte Travels in our free Zoom class, Highland & Island Harmonies: Exploring Scotland’s Iconic Food and Beverages – Tuesday, November 28Continue reading “we’re going to Scotland”

for the love of cider donuts

Note from Annette: There’s lots of changes happening here at Wander, Eat & Tell! So many that I’m at least 6 months behind on blogging the Cookbook Club, and anything else, really! So here’s a little treat. I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking and talking about apples, cider, and all the other apple-seasonContinue reading “for the love of cider donuts”

cookbook club: Diasporican

Note: I’ve been avoiding writing this one. Of the dozens of books our Cookbook Club has cooked from, none have triggered so many impassioned responses as Diasporican. I’ve tried to be as objective as possible here. I’m still including some strong opinions of this book while trying to limit the discussion to what was relevant toContinue reading “cookbook club: Diasporican”

Noughty Bubbles

I’m not one to get on the dry January bandwagon. However, I’ve become very interested in the flavor dynamics of spirit-free and non-alcoholic adult beverages. It’s a huge and growing market. And not all products are created equal. I’ve been tasting through several spirit replacements and a few dealcoholized wines and thought I’d share oneContinue reading “Noughty Bubbles”

spring 2022 cookbook club: legendary women cookbook authors, part 1

It just happened to be International Women’s Day when the request came for the next seasonal theme for our cookbook group. It also happened that I was pondering how to incorporate the most requested cookbook of them all, simply referred to as “Julia“. That’s a big, giant, elephant of a book to bring into aContinue reading “spring 2022 cookbook club: legendary women cookbook authors, part 1”