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Virtual Travel: Missing Cebu

Yesterday I posted a list of places I’ve been daydreaming about. The Philippines is definitely always on that list… especially Cebu (for more click here & here). Amongst other things, Cebu is known for Lechon – whole roast suckling pig that … Continue reading

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More Wondering than Wandering

Lately I have definitely been doing more wondering that wandering. Though my passport is gathering dust, my mind is always preparing for the next journey. I spin the globe in my mind and plan my someday adventures. Usually I’m influenced … Continue reading

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Remembering Cebu

I heard from one of my Filipino partners in crime this morning. He’s going to be in NYC for a brief visit and we are planning to get together for lunch sometime in the next few days. I’m looking forward … Continue reading

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Not Chef’s Day Off (or, a Tale of Two Chefs)

Technically, yesterday – being Monday – was supposed to be a short, sweet post for Chef’s Day Off. As it turns out, yesterday was anything but that for me. I will spare you the boring details of my all-too-full day … Continue reading

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Island Time

As I sit here in my freezing cold office avoiding going out into the 50 degree overcast chill of this NYC “spring”, I can’t help daydreaming about being on an island – preferably in the Philippines!   I recently returned … Continue reading

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Cebu April 2009

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