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More Wondering than Wandering

Lately I have definitely been doing more wondering that wandering. Though my passport is gathering dust, my mind is always preparing for the next journey. I spin the globe in my mind and plan my someday adventures. Usually I’m influenced … Continue reading

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Vineyards I Miss

For an east coast urban girl, I’ve been fortunate to spend a significant amount of time in vineyards throughout California, New York, and Italy (and there are still so many more to see!). As I prepare to teach the first … Continue reading

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Where I Wish I Was Right Now…

Just got an email from my father with pictures of him taking the first swim in their recently renovated pool, behind the villa they have been renovating. It’s over 100 degrees in the province of Roma right now… perfect for a … Continue reading

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More Armchair Traveling – Italy to Vietnam

On rainy days when I have to get up and go to work, I wish that I could grab a cup of coffee, a good book or a stack of magazines and curl up in my cozy chair. I love … Continue reading

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Rome Two Ways, Part II – With Family

My father has lived in Genazzano, a beautiful walled hilltop town east and slightly south of Rome, for about 5 years now. I’ve not visited nearly enough for my taste, and I’m sure not for his either! We are quite … Continue reading

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Rome Two Ways, Part I – Alone in the City

As I mentioned in a previous post, on a recent visit to Italy, I decided to spend a few days alone in the city before heading south to Genazzano to spend time with my father. My last day in the … Continue reading

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Diva Toscana

I originally wrote this in October 2008, I’ve edited it a bit for this, but the heart of the story remains strong. I’ve been thinking about my friend Sandra quite a bit lately – especially since I know I recently missed her … Continue reading

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