Here’s a mini-lesson the making of Lambrusco wines…

  • Lambrusco is the name of the grape and of the wine made from it. It is not the name of a place, as is common in Old World wines.
  • This family of grapes has been around for thousands of years… Since the Etruscans. It’s the oldest family of grape varieties in Italy, maybe the world.
  • The three most common Lambrusco grapes are Grasparossa, Sorbara, and Salamino.
  • Lambrusco is a dark red grape that makes wines that range from rosato (pink) to deep purple.
  • Drink Lambrusco when it’s young, and slightly chilled.
  • Although Lambrusco usually has fizz, how the natural fizz gets there is up to the producer.
  • Most get their fizz from the Charmat method – same as Prosecco.
  • Some higher-priced wines may get their fizz via the “traditional method” also known as methode champanoise like Champagnes.
  • You’ll know if it’s dry or sweet from the label. Secco means dry (no sweetness at all), Amabile means off-dry (a little sweet), and Dolce means sweet.
  • Most Lambrusco is lower in alcohol than many New World style white wines.
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