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I took several of Annette’s cookbook classes online, and they were such a joy. She led the classes in such a thoughtful way! Guests were often included to talk about the books and the recipes, and the participants really seemed to get into the classes!

Anonymous, NYC

I learned so much… Annette explains complex content in an accessible way, clear and highly informative. Annette speaks with the relaxed authority of someone who really knows her stuff.

Leonie, UK

I really enjoyed Annette’s class through the 92nd Street Y and Kitchen Arts and Letters…. It gave me the opportunity to read new cookbooks and try new dishes. Annette is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable teacher and chef and she is open and willing to share her experiences in the kitchen.

-anonymous, NYC

A fun and informative class. Really loved doing a deep-dive on one varietal rather than a range. Annette’s background in education shines through as she helps you figure out what you like in a Sauvignon Blanc … who knew there was so many different SB’s! 

Liz, CA

… Not only is Annette extremely knowledgeable about wine but she is a poised, confident speaker and gives a fascinating presentation. I really learned a lot.

Linda, PA

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