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Nov 13 2021: Wine and spirits instructor & presenter Annette Tomei is featured by the Wine Scholars Guild as a Top Exam Scorer.

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online private wine & spirits classes

In the strange days of 2020, we all learned a few new ways to entertain ourselves. Zoom Happy Hour became a thing. We found ways to gather with friends from around the world and new ways to share unique experiences.

Like so many, I look forward to the days when gathering in person is the norm. But, I’ve also loved this chance to bring all my friends together… a couple in London, a former colleague in France, a BFF in Rome, college friends in Australia, more family and friends in NYC and LA… and me in Seattle. You get the picture!

If you’re list of BFFs and favorite people looks like mine, these fun and engaging classes are definitely for you! Gather your people, let’s set a date. I’ll provide the Zoom space and the icebreakers. Keep scrolling to see a list of possible topics.

We’ll spend an hour learning about your choice of wine, spirits, or other custom selected topic in a way that is fun and informative for all, no mater your level of expertise. Then, I’ll leave you the Zoom controls. You and your friends can enjoy a private happy hour with a whole bunch of new things to discuss amongst yourselves.

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Zoom happy hour classes

These are private classes held on Zoom. Each class includes at least 45 minutes of easy-going instruction and guided tasting, and at least 15 minutes of group discussion time. I will also be available for up to 30 minutes afterward for questions and chat time.

How to book a class

  • Choose your class from those described below (special requests are also welcome)
  • Fill out the form at the bottom, or use my online calendar… include requested class, requested date, and any questions
  • I will reply to your request within 24 hours
  • Payment is due after class confirmation (I’ll provide a link to PayPal or Venmo by email)
  • I’ll provide all the instructions, invitations, class materials… but no food or drink, for now.
  • You and your friends will have a great happy hour to look forward to!

You can pay for your class with a credit card directly from this site, or via PayPal or Venmo after booking. Scroll to the bottom for the inquiry form.


Are you someone who saves your bubbles for special occasions? Or, are you (like me) ready to pop a bottle any chance you get? There’s no wrong answer! Learn the secrets of Champagne. The lively story of Prosecco. And a few things about other characters you may not be as familiar with. Learn how the bubbles get into the wine and how that affects their flavor. And, learn the best sparkling wine words to describe exactly what you want. You’ll sparkle the next time you order at the wine store or restaurant!

$250 for up to 20 attendees. Please use the form below to book your happy hour class.

Photo by Valeria Boltneva

Sauvignon Blanc

What’s the difference between a New Zealand SB and Sancerre? What does “green” taste like? You’ll get the answers to these questions and more. And you’ll learn some new wine words to use on your next visit to the wine shop or restaurant that will get you exactly what you want!

$250 for up to 20 attendees. Please use the form below to book your happy hour class.


A grape that people either love or hate. But maybe they just don’t know enough about it. Some of its story may even surprise you! No matter if you like big oaky California Chards, a steely Chablis, or somewhere between. This class will help you see this versatile grape in a whole new light. And, you’ll learn avoid surprises on your next trip to the wine shop or restaurant!

$250 for up to 20 attendees. Please use the form below to book your happy hour class.

Pinot Noir Grapes

Pinot Noir

Possibly the most complex wine grape there is. And the most high-maintenance. And, the most expensive. Pinot Noir always shows exactly where it came from, and the quality of its upbringing. You may be surprised to learn that “barnyard” is not a bad thing to a Pinot. Learn about the many styles of Pinot Noir and the colorful words used to describe them. Leave knowing how to ask for a great Pinot that fits your budget the next time you’re in a wine store or restaurant!

$250 for up to 20 attendees. Please use the form below to book your happy hour class.

Cabernet Sauvignon

From Bordeaux to California, and beyond. This grape loves to travel! You’ll find it hanging out with some interesting characters as it roams the world. Learn about the “king of grapes” and who this Casanova has the best chemistry with. You’ll also learn the right words to use next time you’re in the wine store or restaurant to get exactly what you want!

$250 for up to 20 attendees. Please use the form below to book your happy hour class.

Not Wine: Whiskies

Spirits lovers, this one’s for you. Whiskies, like wine, also have terroir – a sense of place. Did you know there’s a difference between whisky and whiskey? You’ll learn about that and more. Including some key words to describe differences between Scotch, Bourbon, and Rye. You’ll also learn how to order, drink, and properly mix cocktails with whiskies. 

$250 for up to 20 attendees. Please use the form below to book your happy hour class.


Not Wine: Beer

Beer was once basic. Historically, beer was more common than water at the table… and much safer to drink. Today, the craft beer craze makes it seem more complicated than even wine. Nobody wants to admit they are intimidated to order a beer! Here, you’ll learn a few key descriptors for many of the most popular styles of beer AND why beer is a better pairing for many foods than wine! Crazy, but true. You’ll learn this and the words you need to know to get what you want the next time you head to the gastro-pub.

$250 for up to 20 attendees. Please use the form below to book your happy hour class.

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small print

Payment: Payment is required before the email link with the class materials is sent. Links may not be shared. New guests can be added up to 1 hour before the class start time. Payment can be made on Venmo or through PayPal.

Pre-paid Package Discount: Discounts are available for groups booking multiple single-subject classes. Each person will receive a 15% discount for less than five classes, and a 20% discount on five or more classes. Full payment is due at booking. Unused classes can be substituted at a later date.

Cancelation Policy: If you cancel the whole class more than 7 days prior to the class date, a full refund will be provided. If cancelled 3-7 days prior, a full credit for a future class will be provided. If under 3 days’ notice no refunds will be provided. If I must cancel the class for any reason, a full refund will be provided.

Alcohol Disclaimer: No alcoholic beverages are provided as part of these classes. Nor is alcohol required to participate in the classes. Since alcohol is NOT required to participate, I do not stipulate an age restriction. HOWEVER, please do not serve minors, and please be responsible in your consumption of alcoholic beverages.

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