End of a Journey

Blog Class 2

Last night was the last of eight classes of the first ever ground-breaking session of Food Blogging with Steven Shaw (aka the Fat Man from EGullet) at the International Culinary Center. It was a great pleasure to take part in the inaugural class, laying the ground work for what I hope will be a long-running, successful program. This was, in itself, a journey. When the class began I hadn’t written more than a less-than-consistent monthly column (that I still love and write – See the Eat and Tell link in the next column). But, where one journey ends, another begins. I’ve spent eight weeks building this blog and dedicating time to it daily, now I will take it to the next level (whatever that happens to be!).

First, I want to thank Steven for his tireless efforts and dedication to the success of each and every student in the room, no matter their degree of expertise, knowledge, or motivation. You gave each of us all the respect and personal attention a student could hope for while maintaining a fun, dynamic environment in which to learn. I know we will stay in touch!

Second, I want to acknowledge and thank all of my classmates. You all made the past 8 weeks fun, exciting, challenging, and time I will miss greatly. I hope we will stay in touch… I will definitely be following your blogs as time goes on. I wish you all the best of luck! Good job!!

Here is a list of blogs written by my classmates:











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