Wandering Brooklyn, Part I

It’s the first truly beautiful warm day of the year here in NYC and since I live in a perfect neighborhood for enjoying beautiful days, I thought I’d do my culinary wandering in my own ‘hood today. Granted, I didn’t cover all that much ground, but I did discover some treats – both local and not!


To get the most of the beautiful day and to attempt to revive my fading tan, I headed to Prospect Park with a good book (the one I was pleasantly distracted from while at the beach in Alcoy). At the park, I stopped for my first dirty-water-dog of the year (everything on it). It totally hit the spot – tasted just like a classic NYC day in the park, which is fortunate and appropriate.


For a late lunch I tried a relatively new place in Park Slope, Hanco’s Bubble Tea & Vietnamese Sandwich (350 7th Avenue at 10th Street). Aptly named. I had a spicy bahn mi, an almond bubble tea, and xio (pandan flavored sweet rice, mung bean and coconut cake). The bahn mi was a refreshing balance of crispy, crunchy, and chewy – I’m definitely hooked! The xio was chewy and not too sweet at all – it reminded me (distantly) of some of my favorite Filipino treats (without coming close to the real thing – have to go in person for that). The bubble tea came home with me for a shot of rum, which helped both of us greatly!




OK, now I’ve done classic NYC and Vietnamese street food… time to figure out what’s for dinner. Any suggestions?


On deck for tomorrow: Roebling Pizza, Cuban street food, and margaritas.



5 thoughts on “Wandering Brooklyn, Part I

  1. We’re really are having a perfect day. I usually make it to prospect park on saturdays but had to go the city instead. Next week I think Im retracing your steps and finally trying Hanco’s.

  2. Love this blog entry! Truly fun to read and now I am craving a bubble tea. Really liked that the restaurant pick was spur of the moment and that you were happily suprised. The pictures of the food are such a great addition.

  3. Banh mi… sooo good:) And almond bubble tea with a shot of rum? Genius. Can’t wait to hear about Cuban food and margaritas tomorrow – sounds like the perfect way to spend a beautiful day!

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