Reading: The Next Best Thing…

… To being there, to tasting it, to seeing it in person?

For me, sometimes it’s just nice to read for its own sake. There’s so precious little quiet time in my life lately, that reading has become a special escape for me. Being an unapologetic food geek, most of what I read is definitely food related.

Lately I’ve been reading for inspiration to keep this blog going, to remind myself how much I love what I do for a living, and how much I love living, period. I’ve been reading my classmates’ blogs with awe and inspiration; I’ve been reading Eater (a bit too much, I’m sure – it’s kind of an addiction); and I’ve been reading Filipino cookbooks for research for our upcoming class (I will be as prepared as possible).

Yesterday I shared a link to one of the books I’m using for research for the cooking class. Today I’ll share a few other bits.

Inspiration for this blog:

When I returned from my most recent vacation, I was less than enthusiastic about being home – I would have done almost anything to stay (indefinitely), but even I have a reasonable enough grasp on reality (giggle if you like) to know that I had to come home (for now!). When I arrived, New York Magazine’s “My First New York” issue was waiting to remind me how much I love this city. In it, there is an article, “The Everything Guide To: Brighton Beach” that made me want to do some serious exploring of an area now referred to as “Little Odessa.” Posts on “tasty meat-filled starches” will ensue!

Inspiration to eat more exotically:

Not that I need a whole lot of that! Unlike many of my friends and relatives, it took me a little while longer to acquire a taste (now a longing) for uni (sea urchin, ricci, etc.). Must have been a bad sushi bar experience while in a land-locked state (land-locked and I don’t do well together, no matter how beautiful or how good the skiing is!). Anyway, there was an article in the NYTimes Dining Section this week about the many glories of sea urchin and its countless contributions to deliciousness (and aphrodisiac-ness!). In “Escape from the Sushi Bar,” Julia Moskin provides fundamental information about the sea urchin as well as plenty of food porn of the briny-silky-yummiest kind. Read at your own risk!

Inspiration to laugh my ummm… tuckus off!

If you haven’t read any of my dear friend Mindy’s posts on either of the two blogs she is working on, now would be the time to do it. See the links in the next column for “Mindy’s Recipe for Disaster” and “Cooking Issues.” No matter what she happens to be writing about, from menacing mangoes to hydrocolloids, Mindy has a way with words that makes me laugh out loud every time! Thanks Mindy – needed that!

2 thoughts on “Reading: The Next Best Thing…

  1. you’re too kind to me! oh man, just reading your paragraph on uni sent me into an instant craving!!! AHHHH! i’m celebrating my first day of sanity by reading your blog:)

  2. I did a Brighton Beach tea cookie hunt last summer and can’t wait to go back. It really is it’s own world.

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