Chef’s Night Off – More Rainy Days in NYC

From the missed post, you would think that yesterday was Chef’s Day Off… No, just needed the whole day to recouperate from Saturday night (I’m not as young as I used to be)!

Photo by Greggfly (see link)
Photo by Greggfly (see link)

Saturday night was the launch party for Justin Timberlake’s new 901 Tequila. Junior Merino of The Liquid Chef was mixing the cocktails and nibbles were provided by former Top Chef contestants, including my friend Lee Anne Wong. Judging from the hangover I had yesterday, I guess I had too many of Junior’s creations and not enough of Lee Anne’s. Between that and all the rain, my weekend’s wanderings were limited to a marathon run of Andrew Zimmerman on The Travel Channel and a couple rounds of the park with my favorite doggy companion!

With all the wet, cold weather we’ve been having, I’ve been daydreaming more and more about places like this…

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