California, Here I Come! – Part I

After over a year of not setting foot on the west coast, I finally purchased my tickets to San Francisco! (I’m sure my mother will be thrilled to read this!)

Photo by Rich Niewiroski Jr.
Photo by Rich Niewiroski Jr.

My family (one part of it or another) has been living in the Bay Area since the mid-1980’s, so SF has been like a second home for me for more than half my life… it was also my real home for over 7 years (in the idyllic Napa Valley). With an adventurous family and friends who are up for just about anything, I always had willing partners in crime in exploring all the Bay Area had to offer and I still don’t feel like I scratched the surface.

I’ve been up and down the infamous Highway 1, I’ve spent lazy days with my friends and our dogs soaking up the sun and dodging the wind on the beaches near Point Reyes, I’ve visited the farms my food came from, shopped at all the major farmers’ markets, watched my favorite cheeses being made, and spent more time touring the local wineries than I can even remember (it was that good!). Let’s not forget the amazing Dungeness crab feasts with family and friends, nights out in some of the world’s best restaurants, and nights home cooking with some of the world’s best cooks and winemakers!

I wrote not too long ago about what I would do with one day in the Napa Valley. This trip, I’ll have 6 days to fill – seems like plenty right now, but I know myself better than that! There is never enough time when you are in a beautiful place with all your loved ones around… so much catching up to do. Where to begin? How about with some ideas for possible places to visit?

Thoughts on itinerary to come in next post… Meanwhile, any suggestions?

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