Living Legends, Part III

Today is the second (and last) day of the New York Culinary Experience 2009 at FCI. It’s been an amazing event so far (and promises to get better before it’s over)!
There has been a mix of high-profile chefs, new and old through the kitchens this weekend. I’ve noticed a huge difference in how these people operate. Many of the newer chefs seem more concerned with appearances and entertaining. The older ones are more at ease with their craft and exhibit so much more finesse.
One person who continuously inspires and humbles me is the living legend (and, dare I say, friend) Chef Andre Soltner.
When Chef Soltner was at the helm at Lutece he worked every day the restaurant was open – for over 30 years – every day! Now, over a decade after leaving his stove, he still teaches classes and does demonstrations on a regular basis, AND does all his own prep work (side by side with awestruck assistants).
Today he is captivating a group of 24 eager food lovers with his infamous Alsatian tart and twinkling smile!

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