Morning Coffee

Cup o' JoeNo wandering or writing gets done without coffee. If I’m going to get back on track after my technical difficulties on Friday night I need a bit of fuel.

Despite the ongoing trend of specialized lattes, high-tech espresso, and myriad of other complicated (and expensive) coffee drinks, I still prefer the old-school NYC diner coffee – the kind that comes in the blue and white Greek-motif paper cups. Preferably with a glazed donut! Perfect for wandering.

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2 Responses to Morning Coffee

  1. Scott Araujo says:

    Hey Annette, I was just talking about you to some friends and how your return to NYC from Napa Valley a few years back was bitter-sweet but had one serious upside: good coffee available anywhere for a dollar! I think the brand most diners in NYC use is Vassilaros. Only available commercially though, so none for us mortals 😦

    • gastronomad says:

      Thanks for reading! Let me know if you ever get a chance to come back the is way and join me in a good ol’ Brooklyn diner coffee (and donut!)… I’m thinking I won’t travel well if I try to bring it to you!

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