how to cook from a new cookbook

Seems simple enough. Right? Pick up a book, choose a recipe, start cooking. But no. If you want to get the most out of your new cookbook, take your time to get to know it! Here’s how I do it…

approaching a new cookbook with Chef Annette
  1. Read the book and the recipes like any other book… get a feel for the story and how it’s being told.
  2. Read the recipe for ingredient and equipment needs, then gather your mise en place.
  3. Read the recipe one last time before cooking. This time, visualize each step as you go. Make mental notes of unusual techniques or transition places.
  4. Enjoy the process!

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Happy cooking!

I’d love to hear how you like to approach a new cookbook or recipe. Share your own experiences in the comments below.

Also – this is my first time posting videos to this site. Would you like to see more? Let me know!

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