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Autumn is a perfect time to hit the books. Especially if we’re talking about cookbooks!

This autumn, we’re celebrating the diversity, history, and deliciousness of the foods of Central and South America and Spanish-speaking Caribbean. Our theme is Savoring Latin America. That’s a lot to cover in four books. And I know we’ll barely scratch the surface. But I also know we’re going to have a great time trying!

about the books 

The Latin American Cookbook by Virgilio Martínez 

Spanning two continents, 20 countries, multiple languages, and countless culinary traditions, Latin America is a huge topic to take on. This book’s coverage of smaller countries whose cooking is not otherwise well documented in English is a big part of why it’s the first book we’ll work from this season. 

The Chilean Kitchen by Pilar Hernandez and Eileen Smith

Chile stretches 2,300 miles along the Pacific coast, a distance equivalent to that between Alaska and Guatemala. That span of miles north to south means tremendous diversity of climate and local foods, as well as local traditions.

Colombiana by Mariana Valasquez

For those of us who have not travelled to Colombia, or dined at the home of Colombian friends, Colombiana reveals fresh ways of combining and using ingredients that reflect the diversity of the distinct regions of this small country (Pacific, Amazonian, Andean, Orinoco, Caribbean, and Insular). We’re going to try to sample it all!

Diasporican by Illyanna Maisonet

This visual record of Puerto Rican food, ingredients, and techniques traces the island’s flavor traditions to the Taino, Spanish, African, and even United States’ cultures that created it. Each dish is shaped by geography, immigration, and colonization, and reflects the ingenuity and diversity of their people. In it, the author shares how food connects family, history, conflict, and migration.  

now for some big news

This is my sixth season of hosting the Kitchen Arts & Letters and 92nd Street Y cookbook group and I couldn’t be happier about it! Even better, after years of blogging about our group experiences here on Wander, Eat and Tell, I now have the opportunity to reach a bigger audience… Cookbook Club now has its very own home on the Kitchen Arts & Letters website! So, if you’d like to read more details about the books we’re cooking from, and about Cookbook Club in general, you’ll find lots more there.

Don’t worry though! I’ll still be posting updates here! They’ll be a little shorter and less frequent in order to make more time and space for Wandering, Eating, (Drinking), and Telling. That’s because I have some great new travels coming up that I want to share here. More on that later.


join me!

Cookbook group meets live on Zoom for four 90-minute sessions (7-8:30 pm Eastern). This season’s dates are Tuesdays: October 18, November 1, 15, and 29. As soon as you register, the first three books will ship to you (or you can visit the store in person). Book four is a new release that will ship as soon as it’s available.

There’s still plenty of time to register, have your four cookbooks shipped to you, and get cooking! Registration is through our friends at the 92nd Street Y – for more information click HERE.

can’t join in person?

I’ll be writing more about each of the four books and our experiences with them as the season progresses. But, I’ll be doing it from the club’s new location on the Kitchen Arts & Letters website! Bookmark this link to follow along there… Cookbook Club on Kitchen Arts & Letters.

want to catch up from the beginning?

If you’re just joining us and would like to catch up on previous cookbooks from past seasons, you can catch up from the start HERE.  

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