Road Trip (Part II) still from my iPhone!

As I mentioned earlier, we started our North Fork Wine Country weekend at Jamesport Winery. Owner, Ron, and host Jake were very kind, generous and accomodating. The wines were equally pleasing… We tasted pretty much everything they had on offer and at least one that wasn’t. We were particularly interested in there program of supporting SPAT, an organization that promotes the sustainable development of local shellfish aquaculture, with proceeds from their East End Series (loved them all, especially the rose and the Cinq blend).

From there to our lodging, a 1950’s motel in Greenport, Silver Sands. What a treat! Waterfront rooms facing the Peconic Bay with a private beach, clean, cozy, and less than half the typical wine country room rate!

On to our last winery of the day, Shinn Estate. Another great find! They had several interesting (in a good way) whites including a “white Pinot Noir” – essentially a still blancs de noir. Yummy! Even better, a spicy rich Bordeaux-style blend aptly named “Wild Boar Doe”.

For dinner we were craving something equally as retro as our lodging. Too bad Gregg hates seafood so much, some good options here. Instead we opted for Emilio’s Pizza in downtown Greenport… Highly recommend it!

We returned for an evening in the motel’s panelled sitting room (like a 1960’s beach cottage) for an evening of more wine and fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. This is the life!

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  1. What a beautiful trip! I’m so glad you caught the sun as well because your pictures are gorgeous! Love the one of Angela looking at the barn:) I’m pretty addicted to my Vouvray since I basically lived there for a summer, but I would love to try the 2008 Chenin Blanc when it arrives! Lovely post!

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