Haute Hong Kong (reposted)

My recent trip to Asia included four days in Hong Kong. This wasn’t your average trip to Hong Kong – this was Haute Hong Kong – only the best! I am incredibly fortunate to have a smart, successful, fun-loving, and extremely generous sister who had to be in Hong Kong for business en route to our family vacation in the Philippines. This involved staying in luxury accommodations at the Four Seasons Hotel and dinner at Lung King Heen, the three-Michelin starred restaurant in the Four Seasons.

Our evening at Lung King Heen (“View of the Dragon”) was made extra special by the advanced introduction to the executive chef, Chan Yan Tak, by Chef Alain Sailhac, Dean Emeritus of The French Culinary Institute. On Chef Sailhac’s recommendation, Chef Chan created a special tasting menu of traditional Cantonese dishes for our table of four… a special honor for which we are all deeply grateful.

The evening began with a visit from Chef Chan Yan Tak, a stout quiet man with a commanding presence and few words of English. We assured him that we were adventurous eaters and placed ourselves in his masterful hands. Here’s what happened next:

Amuse Bouche:  Kimchi

Assorted Appetizers:hong-kong-4-2009-001

Dong Po-Style Braised Pork Belly, Scallop with Pear and Spicy Salt, Crispy Taro Dumpling with Crab, Crispy Frog’s Leg with Spicy Salt 


Soup:  Shark’s Fin Soup with Bean Curd and Crab Meat











Wok-Seared Star Grouper in Soy Sauce, and Steamed Grouper with Crispy Mung Beans


Peking-Style Chicken with chestnut flour jelly dumplings



Braised (tiny) Baby Bok Choy with Maitake Mushrooms


Noodles: Crispy fried noodle cake with hot and sour soup-style sauce



Dessert & Mignardise:







Mango Tapioca Pudding with Mango Tofu and Mangosteens, and

Handmade walnut pastry with walnut filling, Handmade Egg pastry with creamy dense egg filling, and Green tea jelly roll

One thought on “Haute Hong Kong (reposted)

  1. Ohmigosh! I’m so jealous! Your Haute Hong Kong meal sounds incredible and I wouldn’t mind laying my head down on a swank pillow in the Four Seasons, either! Love your blog (the name is brilliant) and love you!!!

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