Finally, Part II

Ipppudo was wonderful. The problem with a restaurant getting a lot of hype and build up from your friends is that most places rarely live up to the stratospheric expectations. That said. Ippudo was wonderful… Not the mind-blowing experience I was hoping for, but worth the 45 minute wait at the friendly bar while enjoying chicken buns and much-needed cold beer (draft Kirin) with my friends.

The buns: Mindy swears by the chicken buns here so we didn’t try the pork, meaning the following comparisons are not technically even. Despite the fact that they were tasty, I have to say, unlike Fatty Crab & Momo, I was not really craving more.

Agadashi tofu: beautiful and quite tasty. Could have eaten seconds, maybe thirds of that one.

Akamaru Modern Ramen with noodles cooked firm and an added poached egg: skip the added poached egg. All of ours were different and none was warm or custardy enough to satisfy. Mindy said to get the hardboiled egg next time (I will). Eggs aside, this is a great dish, especially with the firm noodles. Hearty, satisfying. I’d definitely go back for it… Just don’t think I would ever have lustful dreams of it like I do with Momofuku Ramen. Maybe it’s just me…

Ginga Kogen beer: in a cobalt blue bottle. Amazing stuff. The perfect Riesling of beers… Spicey, aromatic and refreshing. If I wasn’t so completely stuffed, I would have liked a couple more of these… Another reason to return.

Next time, expectations will be in check and I will definitely try the pork buns during my worthwhile 45 minute wait!

Sorry for the dark pictures. Antique iPhone has no flash!

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