Living Legends, Part I

Jacques Pepin:

Recently I had the pleasure of working an event with French Culinary Institute Dean (and beloved television personality) Chef Jacques Pepin. As a chef and administrator at the school, and as an alumna from the days when he was there a lot more often, I’ve had the great pleasure of working near (if not with) Chef Pepin numerous times over the past 15 years. This was one of my favorites (second only to a 1993 caviar & truffle class where we gorged on Jacques’ omelets as a finale).

These photos were taken at the WLIW Autumn Gourmet Classic – for more about the event and video of Jacques, click here. Jacques Pepin demonstrated instant-cure salmon (from his Celebrate! book) then presented it in a variety of platings, all using the exact same ingredients – salmon, cucumber, pumpernickel, horseradish butter, capers, lemon, parsley and red onion.

As an hors d'ouevre
As an hors d'ouevre
Plate #2
Plate #1
Plate #1
Plate #2

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