cookbook club: The New York Times Cooking No-Recipe Recipes

Cookbooks and kitchens are the heart of many great adventures. Last week our spring cookbook club, Classic to Modern, ended our journey with a return to the present. Over the course of 4 books in 8 weeks, we time traveled from the days of Edna Lewis to Sam Sifton’s contemporary approach to creating delicious meals. In between, weContinue reading “cookbook club: The New York Times Cooking No-Recipe Recipes”

cookbook club: Plat du Jour by Susan Herrmann Loomis

I’d say the spring cookbook club is off to a great start!  In our second meeting, we talked French comfort food and life in France with award-winning author Susan Herrmann Loomis as we cooked to her latest book, Plat Du Jour: French Dinners Made Easy.  Plat du jour means daily special. These are the dishes handwritten on chalkboardsContinue reading “cookbook club: Plat du Jour by Susan Herrmann Loomis”

My Lucky Break – LUCKYRICE, Part 2 & 3

Of course, I meant to post this in a more timely manner. Such are the drawbacks of a demanding career and an addiction to continuing education (aka homework). Before I get into the past events, I just want to recommend that you take advantage of the LUCKYRICE Restaurant Week going on this week (May 3-9,Continue reading “My Lucky Break – LUCKYRICE, Part 2 & 3”

Media Review: Salt

A day late again! Eventually I’ll get back on track… in the meantime, I’m glad it’s only by one day. Quite a lot has been written about salt in recent years – from Mark Kurlansky’s best-selling book, Salt: A World History, to New York City’s proposed “ban on salt“. Despite the public’s mixed feelings about saltContinue reading “Media Review: Salt”