Grilling with Japan’s Finest – Indoors in NYC

Once again I did not have to travel very far for a new lesson in a fascinating food culture. In fact, I didn’t even have to leave work…   One of the perks about being a student, alumni, or employee at The French Culinary Institute (at The International Culinary Center) is that you get toContinue reading “Grilling with Japan’s Finest – Indoors in NYC”

Been There, Read That: Garlic Scapes

Last year around this time I read an article in the New York Times Dining & Wine section about the many forms of garlic now available in the local farmers’ markets. In “A Good Appetite: A Garlic Festival Without a Single Clove,” Melissa Clark writes of one of my favorite spring  flavor enhancers, green garlic,Continue reading “Been There, Read That: Garlic Scapes”

Chef’s Night Off – Learning the Foods of the Philippines

As promised – my version of how the class went yesterday… This is definitely going to be a longer post than most Mondays, but worth it.   Though I was expecting 12-15 participants, we ended up with 7 (including my brother-in-law and myself), but that did not stop us from completing nine unfamiliar recipes andContinue reading “Chef’s Night Off – Learning the Foods of the Philippines”

Photos From Today’s Adventures

I need to buy a little time regarding the class since I am suffering from extreme food coma from all the delicious food! Also, my photos didn’t turn out so well, so I’m hoping for back ups from my trusty friends (hint!). In the meantime, a little photographic preamble… The day began with me cuttingContinue reading “Photos From Today’s Adventures”

Food and Culture, Continued

It’s Chef’s Night Off again, and with the schedule I’ve been keeping, I’m going to take advantage of the short post night.  Last post I brought up a different view of food and culture… tonight I have another point of view on that same subject. This time, it’s a brief observation on the culture ofContinue reading “Food and Culture, Continued”