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I need to buy a little time regarding the class since I am suffering from extreme food coma from all the delicious food! Also, my photos didn’t turn out so well, so I’m hoping for back ups from my trusty friends (hint!). In the meantime, a little photographic preamble…

05-30 & 31-09 008

05-30 & 31-09 013

The day began with me cutting my finger instead of the chicken leg I was prepping. Good news is I’ll live… and that nobody was there to hear me cursing! It got better from there… Our marketing tour of Chinatown was a great success! It began, as they all should with a visit to Tung Woo for my tau fu fa.
05-30 & 31-09 022

As long as we were repeating my trial run yesterday, we decided buns and tea at Century Cafe would be a good idea as well… It was, but it did put us a tad bit off schedule. Oh well, wandering certainly does not imply sticking to an itinerary. So we ate (and had a great conversation with two Chinese women who highly recommend the chicken feet (called Adidas in the Philippines!)… next time!

05-30 & 31-09 012

We actually did do some grocery shopping as well…

05-30 & 31-09 00605-30 & 31-09 01605-30 & 31-09 014


Then came the class itself. I’ll write all about it tomorrow, promise.

At the end of the very long day, I never made it to Coney Island (weather & laziness prevailed). However, I did enjoy a couple of small indulgences with friends in the ‘hood…

05-30 & 31-09 00705-30 & 31-09 020

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