Find This Place!

And enjoy some of the best, most creative BBQ anywhere!


This place happens to be Fatty ‘Cue. Zak Pelaccio’s latest contribution to the NYC dining scene and his only venture currently in Brooklyn.

All the meats are house smoked on the back deck. Preparations are unique with nods to a both Malaysia/Indonesia and the Greek Isles (thanks to a certain sous chef!). The ingredients are of the highest quality and prepared with sincere passion for the craft.

The lamb ribs were the biggest hit at our table, but the smoked lamb shoulder with homemade pita really won my heart.

Some have complained of portion size (too small?) and price (too high?), but the general consensus from our groups multiple visits is that with food that good, a little goes a long way – and you get what you pay for… Dallas BBQ this is NOT.

Don’t forget to stop at the bar for creative well-crafted seasonal cocktails, great beer, and some of the best bar service in town.

(Note: Full disclosure – Zak Pellacio is a graduate of FCI and a friend , as are several employees. However, all food was paid for in full with the exception of a round of shots and the dessert).

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