Thursday’s Media Review: More Reasons to Wander

Wednesday is the day most of the major newspapers in the US publish their food sections. That’s why I chose Thursday as a “media review” day… it usually takes me that long to read everything I’m interested in. By the time I catch up, I’m so inspired by one thing or another, or several, thatContinue reading “Thursday’s Media Review: More Reasons to Wander”

Rome Two Ways, Part I – Alone in the City

As I mentioned in a previous post, on a recent visit to Italy, I decided to spend a few days alone in the city before heading south to Genazzano to spend time with my father. My last day in the city, I wandered from piazza to piazza taking in the sounds, smells, and more thanContinue reading “Rome Two Ways, Part I – Alone in the City”

Americanization of Immigrant Cuisine

Big words! Especially to me, since that was basically my Master’s dissertation subject. After all those months of studying Chef Boyardee, Ragu, and Stouffer’s Lasagna I wondered how I would translate it into something a bit more readable to the masses. There’s still hope! Today’s drizzle of hope came from, yet another New York Times article… “AContinue reading “Americanization of Immigrant Cuisine”

Haute Hong Kong (reposted)

My recent trip to Asia included four days in Hong Kong. This wasn’t your average trip to Hong Kong – this was Haute Hong Kong – only the best! I am incredibly fortunate to have a smart, successful, fun-loving, and extremely generous sister who had to be in Hong Kong for business en route toContinue reading “Haute Hong Kong (reposted)”

Food and Culture, Continued

It’s Chef’s Night Off again, and with the schedule I’ve been keeping, I’m going to take advantage of the short post night.  Last post I brought up a different view of food and culture… tonight I have another point of view on that same subject. This time, it’s a brief observation on the culture ofContinue reading “Food and Culture, Continued”