Media Review: Perfect Pairings

In preparation for the wine classes I’ve been teaching this week, I’ve been reading a great book that one of my students brought in –Perfect Pairings: A Master Sommelier’s Practical Advice for Partnering Wine with Foodby Evan Goldstein (click the link to find it on Amazon). 

I took a class with Evan Goldstein many years ago. He was one of my favorite instructors. Also,his mother, Joyce Goldstein, (who wrote the recipes in the book) was a major inspiration for me when I decided to change careers – She continues to be one of my favorite cookbook authors. So, when I saw Perfect Pairings, I was very excited to start reading it immediately… I’ve carried around with me pretty much everywhere since, and have recommended it to students in all my classes this week.

Goldstein makes wine approachable for even the most timid novice, and informative on a professional level as well. His approach to food and wine flavor pairings is a breath of fresh air – neither too stuffy or too laissez-faire.

For me much of what I read was a source of reassurance in my own technique of teaching about food and wine, yet it also provided me with many new tools and opportunities to create new more exciting lessons for my students… I will definitely be using this book a great deal as I work on refining my lesson plans.

Now, off to class!

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