Where The Chefs Ate Tonight

(Note: the following is a completely unbiased account of a meal which we paid for in full, at a restaurant where we did not know any staff, owners, etc.)

Mini size

It’s been a while since Chef H and I did some wandering together. Tonight she suggested a burger place that she swore has the most incredible milkshakes ever… she’s been craving their ricotta-pistachio milkshake since her last visit.

So we made our way, with friend Louisa in tow, to Stand at 24 W. 12th Street (between University Pl and 5th Ave). The room was casual, comfortable, and welcoming. We ordered cheeseburgers and a large fries to share, I enjoyed a Dark n Stormy made with house made ginger-ale (good, mild ginger flavor, not spicy). the burgers were big and satisfying, the fries were fresh-cut and crispy… so far so good. Now, what about that milkshake?

For starters, choosing a flavor could cause an anxiety attack – they all sounded so good! And, their made with Il Laboratorio gelato… can it get any better? In a word, yes. Not only do they serve a generous full size portion, but for a bit less you can get (a very generous sized) mini portion. Perfect for three ladies with sweet teeth!

We opted for a bit of over-indulgence: the ricotta-pistachio that H was craving plus honey-lavender, chocolate-peanut butter, and the house special toasted marshmallow. All were fantastic. However, the toasted marshmallow (garnished with the real thing) blew me away! It was like sticking a straw in a big fluffy perfectly toasted marshmallow.

As it turns out, tonight is a big night for my new favorite indulgence. It’s going to be on Food Network (for its second time, I hear).

I am already planning my next visit! (and planning to save up the calories as well!)

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